SAFe® Implementation – Your Roadmap To Scaling Agile

SAFe® (Scaled Agile Framework for enterprise) has earned recognition and wide adoption due to its suitability for enterprise environments, scalability, flexibility, and adherence to agile principles. Implementing SAFe® requires commitment, preparation, and a methodical approach.

Excelerus offers a broad range of services to help you start, scale, or fine tune your SAFe rollout. We can help you launch your first release train, define value streams, structure your portfolio layer, and configure shared services to support the rollout. We also offer private Leading SAFe, SAFe Scrum Master, SAFe Advanced Scrum Master, Product Manager/Product Owner, and SAFe for Teams training services geared towards building enterprise capabilities to facilitate change and support a SAFe rollout.

We also offer critical support for PI Planning activities. Your first PI Planning event will be intimidating and  will feel abnormal to many. Our experts will provide guidance and assurance, and will help you and your team navigate the different agenda items smoothly and in a timely fashion.