It's Time For Scaled Agile Transformation

Does Your Organization Evolve With Your Industry?

Excelerus is a boutique project management consulting house, expertly partnering with our clients to implement and benefit from the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe).

It's Time For
Scaled Agile

Does Your Organization Evolve With Your Industry?

Why Choose Excelerus?


Why settle for less than the best? Our consulting effectiveness and expertise stems from concentrating efforts on being SAFe specialists. Other consulting companies spread themselves too thin, and this dilutes the power of their services. By making SAFe our sole priority, Excelerus understands every nuance of this world-renowned framework.


Are you ready to take charge of your industry by becoming more agile? While every business is different, our expertise in helping businesses achieve transformational change through SAFe is universally applicable. Our clients are empowered to harness SAFe’s extensive benefits in organizational productivity and quality, increased employee engagement and job satisfaction, and even faster time-to-market.


Nervous about next steps? At Excelerus, we understand that the role of the consultant is as a partner in producing transformational change. By using SAFe best practices, we help our clients achieve a level of organizational transformation that satisfies all company stakeholders, in the short and long term. Additionally, our commitment to detail enables a smooth implementation.


Why trust Excelerus? Undergoing organizational transformation can be a time of uncertainty, so we do everything we can to assuage this uncertainty. We are specialists in both SAFe and its implementation in a dynamic marketplace, with a proven track record of successful consultation and implementation for large and medium organizational clients, across all major industries.



Consisting of Seven Core Competencies, SAFe is a collection of organizational principles and best practices, integrated around the concept of business agility. By accounting for how the latest technology affects organizational structure, SAFe is always adaptable to the needs of individual organizations.  


SAFe prioritizes dynamism and adaptability over rigid organizational structures. This gives businesses the ability to evolve, and gain and sustain a competitive advantage, even in the face of ever-shifting technology and market oscillations.  


Just like the organizations who choose it, SAFe is results-focused, with a reputation to back up the rhetoric. Over 600,000 SAFe practitioners have been trained, all around the world, including at dozens of Fortune 100 companies. 


SAFe isn’t a static system. Currently on version 5.0, SAFe helps your organization understand and accommodate for the rapidly shifting modern business environment, from new business technologies, to long term industry changes, through constant iteration.

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Excelerus is a boutique consulting outfit based in Oakville, Ontario offering consulting and training services tailored for large and medium enterprises in the areas of program management.


We help our clients deliver value to their customers quickly. Our consulting services are focused on agility, delivery, and scaling frameworks. We are a certified Scaled Agile Framework implementation service provider.

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Excelerus offers public and private training services for individuals, large and small corporations, and government agencies. Excelerus specializes in Scaled Agile Framework for Lean Enterprises.


Delivering complex projects is what we do. When your project or program is introducing fundamentally new ways of doing business, using your business-as-usual delivery process may not be sufficient.


Excelerus Agile Transformation Services help customers to start their journey of agility, self organization, and continuous improvement. Our goal is to show you the path and guide you through the early steps towards agility.


Project management Office (PMO), Agile Center of Excellence (CoE), and various Communities of Practice (CoP) are critical for the success and transformation of an organisation. These centralized organs promote collaboration using best practices to accelerate business or customer-valued results.

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