Consulting Services.

We help our clients deliver value to their customers quickly. Our consulting services are focused on agility, delivery, and scaling frameworks. We are a certified Scaled Agile Framework® implementation service provider. Our team of experts is dedicated to elevating the level of product and service delivery and implementing sustainable continuos improvement processes. Our cross industry and cross domain experts will help your organization move at sustainable pace towards your objectives of faster and better value delivery.

Consulting Services

Enterprise Delivery With Speed & Accuracy

Reduce waste, deliver fast, obtain feedback, calibrate, repeat. We know that it is not easy, and it should not be hard. With our combination of knowledge and experience, we will help you transform your delivery process to delight your customers and satisfy your stakeholders.

Our services are aimed at improving and advancing the speed and quality of service and product delivery in enterprise organizations. We specialize in portfolio, program, and project delivery. Excelerus also helps clients set up necessary organs for continued success and sustainable improvement such as Project Management Offices (PMO),  Communities of Practice (CoP), and Centres of Excellence (CoE).

Agile Transformation &
Consulting Services

Excelerus Agile Transformation Services help customers to start their journey of agility, self organization, and continuous improvement. Our goal is to show you the path and guide you through the early steps towards agility.

Project Management &
Program Delivery Services

Delivering complex projects is what we do. When your project or program is introducing fundamentally new ways of doing business, using your business-as-usual delivery process may not be sufficient. Excelerus will provide the knowledge and experience needed to achieve your targets and goals.

Scaled Agile Framework® Implementation Services

SAFe® (Scaled Agile Framework for enterprise) has earned recognition and wide adoption due to its suitability for enterprise environments, scalability, flexibility, and adherence to agile principles. Implementing SAFe® requires commitment, preparation, and a methodical approach.

Centralized Project Management
Office Set-up Services

Project management Office (PMO), Agile Center of Excellence (CoE), and various Communities of Practice (CoP) are critical for the success and transformation of an organisation. These centralized organs promote collaboration using best practices to accelerate business or customer-valued results.

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